Earthquake Supplies Checklist

Having the supplies you, your family and pets will need ready to go will help you better “Survive-it” when faced with having to evacuate your home. After a disaster you may not have access to stores or if you have to evacuate you may not have time to collect the supplies your family will need.  Ensure you are prepared for whatever disaster comes your way. Use this check list to help put your family’s and pets emergency kits together.


Grab and Go Kit

Home Emergency Kit

Pet Emergency Kit




Grab & Go Kit

A Grab and Go Kit is a backpack containing basic items that you and your family will need when evacuating your home.  Each family member will have their own Grab & Go Kit with the items they will need.  A Grab & Go Kit is for the short term. Store your family’s Grab & Go Kits by the door you would likely use when evacuating your home.  Your Home Kit is for the long term.


• Flashlight & Batteries
• Radio & Batteries
• Food (granola bars, trail mix)
• Water 1 – 2 bottles
• Extra cell phone
• Cell Phone charger
• Money – cash
• Medications (check with DR or Pharmacist before storing meds)
• Pain relief - antihistamines
• First aid kit
• Toiletries (tooth brush – comb etc.)
• Spare glasses
• Contact lens solution
• Change of clothes
• Poncho / rain jacket
• Walking shoes
• Blanket
• House and car keys
• Work gloves
• Multi-purpose tool
• Compass
• Whistle
• Dust mask
• Book or cards
• Notebook and pen
• Copy of family emergency plan
• Important documents (Insurance – passport)
• Out of Area Contact Info
• Any other items you may need



Home Kit

Your Family’s Home kit is what you will be relying upon after a disaster when you can stay at home and survive.  A home kit is also used when asked to Shelter in Place.  Remember you also have your Grab & Go Kits which can also be used if you don’t need to evacuate.


• Food (cans/dehydrated)

• Water (4L or 1 gal per person per day)
• Flashlight & Batteries
• Radio & Batteries
• Cooking Utensils
• Can Opener
• Plates
• Duct tape
• Work gloves
• Safety googles
• Basic tools
• Wrench for gas meter

• Medications (check with DR or Pharmacist before storing meds)
• Spare glasses
• Blankets or Sleeping bags
• Tent
• Change of clothes
• Fuel operated stove
• Bucket with lid for toilet
• Heavy duty garbage bag
• Lime/Bleach (sanitation)
• Family Emergecny Plan
• Any other items you may need




Work Kit

If you work out of your home having a Work Kit at your desk can come in very handy. Refer to the Grab and Go Kit but ensure you have any additional items you may need. After a massive earthquake bridges and roads may be impacted and you may be forced to walk home or stay at your office.  If this is the case you will be happy to have your Work Kit.

• Walking shoes
• Jacket
• Map/Compass
• Any other items you may need



Pet Kit

If you need to evacuate your home take your pet with you. Similar to your family’s Grab and Go Kit – ensure you have a Pet Grab and Go Kit to meet your pet’s needs.


Cat & Dogs
• Photo of your pet alone and with you
• Vet Info & vaccination record
• Plastic bags for waste disposal
• First aid kit
• Food – moist food is best
• Can opener
• Water
• Food & water bowls
• Newspaper
• Blankets
• Toys
• Treats
• Any other items your pet may need

DOG Specific
• Leash/muzzle
• Waterproof pouch to attach to collar for id

CAT Specific
• Non-clumping cat litter & foil trail
• Travel bag or pillow case to transport





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Out of Area Contact (downloable form)

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